Digital transformation

In the competitive global business context, where technology evolves faster than companies’ ability to adapt, processes of digital transformation have become a fundamental need, not only to grow but to survive. Digital transformation is one of the biggest challenges that come with the alignment of technology and business.

Understanding your needs, we design our consulting services for your digital transformation, driven towards giving you a 360 attention in every step of the process: situational and requirement analysis, solutions design, implantation and accompaniment.

Enterprise architecture

A comprehensive organizational vision that allows us to align people, processes, data and technological infrastructure with your business strategy. We have an effective methodology for developing your enterprise architecture, and provide you with a service that assesses needs, proposes a design, implements and accompanies.

Business Process Management (BPM)

The automatization of office work with a BPM system or a process management software, increases the efficiency of process based on a routine performance of tasks. We provide you with solutions that have a process-oriented methodology, that will allow you to optimize, standardize activities, increase your efficiency and improve your accomplishment level. The service includes:

  • Design of business model, process simulation, process automatization, and process optimization by using BPM and BPMN
  • Development of molding and automatization projects
  • Supporting the quality management of business processes; including the implementation of monitoring indicators using BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)
Application Programming Interface (API)

Companies need to be able to interconnect processes, people and information. We design, implement and develop solution within the SOA frame, which provides the conditions so companies can reach high competitivity and growth levels. SOA solutions has benefits such as: interconnecting existing platforms, reutilization of channels, cost reductions, agile adaptability to change, and increases the integration flexibility of apps.

IT Infrastructure

Our services aim at maintaining an infrastructure that is aligned with your business’ needs, and that it allows our clients to maintain their competitivity. Our qualified team helps companies move towards and agile, intelligent and stable infrastructure.

App support

Avoiding that IT personnel uses their time in app supporting activities, is something that companies can successfully do. We offer a support model that is effective, led by a specialized team that will minimize the impact of infrastructural incidents and that will take care of the shape of your businesses’ technological tools.

Software Selection

A successful software selection is not an easy task for companies, because of the multiple variables you need to consider when making that choice. Our goal is to help you identify in the most efficient way, the solution that best fits your business’ needs. The software selection service includes:

  • Needs assessment and requirements
  • Evaluation and software selection
  • Implementation
Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions bring multiple benefits for the efficient, safe and productive management of a company. We take care of the design, development and implementation of cloud software solutions for your company. Our solutions include the situational analysis, the platform selection and the migration model.

System security

In the digital era, information is one of the most valuable assets that a company has. To overcome present and future system threats, we offer solutions that include: risk evaluations, recommendations report, and the implementation of the solution.

We take care of each of our clients’ needs to make
Software Development efficient and profitable.

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