Manufacturing Solutions

The functioning of corporations is intimately tide to technological tools and resources. The current process of digital transformation that companies undertake requires and alignment between the technology and the business. That is why, we deal with our clients’’ technological challenges from a broad perspective, so we can offer the m innovative, disruptive and custom-made solutions.

The methodology we use in our software factory is based on new agile methods that guarantee the productivity of our development teams, cost-time efficiency, fostering communication, and finding solutions made for your business model. Our services include the entire software construction: gathering of software requirements, functional analysis, design, construction, implementation, and support.

We follow ISTQB standards (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) to guarantee the quality of your software and offer you a highly efficient service. Our quality supervising team gathers the requirements, designs a strategy and executes tests with supported automatized tools.
Diseño de arquitectura
Architecture design
Diseño de solución
Solutions design 
Diseño de requerimiento
Requirements design
Design and development of mobile apps

A mobile App can be a key part of your strategy to reach your goals and take advantage of opportunities for growth.

In our App Factory, we develop hybrid and native mobile Apps for iOS and Android operative systems. Also, we build backend systems, that allow you to manage the content of your business’ mobile app.

Consultec takes care of a variety of projects: mass consumption apps, online banking, games, news and media, Telco, among others. We have consolidated experience in the design of mockups, and in the building of APIs.

Design of portals and web Apps

Your business needs an impactful presence in the web, an optimal access to your resources and services. That is why we develop web projects that are adapted to your business, with the prestigious platform Liferay. It allows us to offer a solid interface that includes content management, collaborative environment, and a social media platform easy to manage.

We deliver results with high quality standards, that will bring not only an impactful digital presence to your company, but also a 360 vision of your clients and your business.

Development of business Apps

To increase the productivity and efficiency of your company processes, your business needs to have apps or platforms that share information and resources amongst them. In Consultec, we develop stable company apps that answer to internal needs and the logic of your business.

Service factory and comprehensive solutions

Comprehensive solutions allow the transformation, enrichment, direction, and processing of the business’ data; with the objective to increment the productivity and make processes more efficient for your business.

We identify, define and execute integration and optimization projects, covering the entire project cycle. It starts with a diagnosis consultancy, and it ends with the implementation for change management.

Do you need to propel your business’ transformation?

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