Consultec Corporation
We are a socially responsible company, dedicated to offer business solutions through High tech consulting to a variety of economic sectors. Our consulting and tech teams allow us to deliver services that generate value through our expertise and knowledge.
Our mission
We are a tech consulting company focused entirely on our clients, offering innovative tech solutions that fit our client’s needs, which allows them to optimize your business process and generate a competitive advantage
Our vision
To become a prestigious organization, recognized because of the quality of our tech and consulting products and services, committed to society, that generates great value to our clients and brings an ideal work place for the development of our employees.

Our values
Our corporative values are oriented towards excellence and are the corner stone of our growth. To generate high value products and services we stand on these values:

All of our associates work with passion and professionalism. We promote the practice of good values like responsibility in the delivery of the products, punctuality, the study of new tech tendencies, consistency, focus, formation and discretion.

Excellence is our north, that’s why we orient our efforts to offer high level products and services. With the same energy and commitment, we strive to constantly improve our processes and professional development of our consultants.

Is fundamental for our company that our operations, businesses and interaction with our associates exist in an environment of honesty, trust, transparency and integrity. The support, safety and credibility of our company has its foundation in the coherence of our actions.

We are committed with our work, we strive to honor our deals in a satisfactory way within the principles of a sustainable business. We apply the best practices of the market that allows us to cut processes to guarantee that the objectives are completed in the established times, maintaining quality in the process.

We promote equality, inclusion and the respect for human rights. We trust in diversity as a way to build a joint vision in our challenges and objectives.

We focus on making Consultec a socially responsible and sustainable company, so that the social benefit and economic one go hand in hand. We are committed to give back what’s fair to every one of our stakeholders: employees, suppliers, shareholders, government, community and clients.

Our Ethics Code
This document reflects our corporate values that guides the development of our activities. Our employees have the commitment of complying to and respecting every principle contemplated here.

File a complaint

If any worker, partner or client does not comply with our Ethics Code, file a complaint through the following form

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